There’s finally a feel-good story about NFL players and their money

It is no secret that many NFL players lose money on bad investments.

That is why it is interesting that a group of NFL players have made what may be a good investment in a feel good story.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the players made an $810,000 investment in the lemonade business started by a 12-year-old in Austin, Mikaila Ulmer.

But it’s not like they’re just trying to help her get off the ground.

The girl got an $11 million, four-state contract with Whole Foods in 55 stores in the South last year for what she calls Me @ The Bees Lemonade.

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Kaepernick, unlike his critics, remains on the right side of history

As the Fourth of July approached earlier this week, I was curious if Colin Kaepernick would have any comments about the holiday.

It’s not surprising that he not only talked the talk, but walked the walk.

As many of you probably know, he first visited Egypt with former 49er teammate Marquise Goodwin.

Then on July 4th, he was in Ghana, which Kaepernick says he traced his ancestral roots to and from where the ships left Africa on the infamous Middle Passage.

Kaepernick then tweeted about the Fourth of July, “How can we truly celebrate our independence on a day that intentionally robbed our ancestors of theirs.’’

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NFL’s scheduling greed is finally taking a toll

Is the NFL suffering from oversaturation?

That is a question asked a lot last year when the NFL’s TV ratings dropped, although the league blamed first-half plummet on all the interest in the presidential election.

That’s why the ratings will be watched closely this year.

But it’s not the only barometer the NFL and its broadcast partners will be watching. The league also has to be concerned that advertisers aren’t rushing to make buys even before the season begins.

According to Advertising Age, some insiders say the ad buys are the softest since the 2008 recession.

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HBO’s ‘Ballers’ is bad TV but also a guilty pleasure

Here’s a fun fact for your holiday weekend: Would you believe that Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she is a fan of the HBO comedy “Ballers’’?

She revealed this earlier this year in her book This Fight Is Our Fight, claiming she and her husband binge-watched the show on Election Night, which really seems unbelievable.

Anyway,  I first heard about her interest in the show watching Samantha Bee’s “Full Frontal’’ on TBS last week.

The senator said, “It’s actually a story about hard work, a story about perseverance.’’

That’s news to me.

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Tebow has no future in baseball, but the guy can still sell tickets

We now have the answer to one of the two major questions about Tim Tebow’s minor league baseball experiment.

After 64 games in Columbia, we have the statistical evidence that at age 29, he is not a major-league prospect.

What we don’t know is if he will continue to be the box-office smash he was in low-A Columbia now that he’s been called up to high-A Port St. Lucie by the New York Mets.

His showing in Columbia, though, provided no evidence he’ll ever make it in the majors. It’s not only that he hit just .220 with seven errors. That was enough to show a player wasn’t a prospect back in the day when I covered baseball before the NFL became a year-round beat.

But now there is a lot more statistical evidence that baseball isn’t his thing. Starting with Bill James and now with computers, baseball is the dream sport for computer-savvy types.

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