Interference review already looks like a debacle

Well, that didn’t take long.

When the owners voted to make pass interference reviewable because of the botched non-call in the New Orleans Saints-Los Angeles Rams playoff game, most critics predicted it would create more problems than it solved.

Sure enough, it happened in the Washington-Cincinnati game when what should have been a routine play turned into a controversy and delayed the game for no good reason.

What happened is that Washington’s Kelvin Harmon pushed off and the officials called it offensive pass interference.

Then Washington coach Jay Gruden challenged. It turns out the push-off was before the pass was thrown and the TV cameras didn’t show it, so the call stood because there was no way to judge the call.

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Luck’s chronic injuries could make for a shortened career

Are Andrew Luck‘s chronic injuries going to hamper the rest of his career?

That is the question the Indianapolis Colts are dealing with after general manager Chris Ballard revealed this week that Luck will miss the preseason and that they’re not sure if he will be ready for the regular season.

Ballard said what they thought was a calf issue has now become a high ankle sprain issue. He said Luck is having pain in the “high anklish” area of his leg.

Depending on how serious it is, a high ankle sprain can take six weeks to three months or longer to heal.

So the Colts don’t know when Luck, who sat out the entire 2017 season with a shoulder injury, will be back, although Ballard said, “This is not 2017.”

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Woeful Lock already looking like another Elway QB misfire

We shouldn’t make too much of a rookie quarterback having a subpar showing in his first preseason game.

Still, Drew Lock, the Denver Broncos’ second-round pick, showed in the Hall of Fame game against Atlanta on Thursday that he is nowhere near ready for prime time.

Coach Vic Fangio said after the game, “I was hoping for more but not surprised.”

“He still has a lot of work to do.”

Fangio added, “I thought his accuracy wasn’t clean all the time along with his reads, but that’s to be expected. We’ve got four more (preseason) games, and we’ve got to get him ready — more ready than he is right now.”

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Not suspending Chiefs’ Hill was a rare correct move from Goodell

So why didn’t NFL commissioner Roger Goodell discipline Tyreek Hill?

Was Goodell extending an olive branch to the NFLPA when he decided not to suspend or fine Kansas City’s Hill because of the domestic abuse allegations he is facing?

I actually thought Goodell did the right thing because the prosecutors decided not to file charges, saying they couldn’t determine whether Hill or his fiancée abused their three-year-old son. Both said they used hands to spank him and belts to whip him but denied abusing him.

I think the NFL should let law enforcement decide whether to charge players. If they aren’t convicted of a crime, I don’t think the NFL should discipline the players.

Instead, they decided to have Hill undergo clinical evaluation and therapeutic intervention, which is obviously a good idea since Hill seems to have anger issues. Hill will benefit from that more than he will from being suspended and/or fined.

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UPDATED: Ngakoue’s long-term future with Jaguars appears up in the air

Blog post updated Aug. 1, 2019

Imagine an elite pass rusher hitting the open market in free agency in his prime in March of 2022, weeks before his 27th birthday.

Imagine what he could command on the open market.

Since Bruce Smith, as Peter King of NBC Sports recently noted, recorded 108 sacks after the age of 30, a pass rusher just shy of his 27th birthday would be just reaching his prime.

He could probably set a new market for pass rushers.

The highest paid pass rusher currently is Khalil Mack at $23.5 million, although he is a linebacker.

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