Jaguars had better hope Lamar Jackson doesn’t become a star

The Jacksonville Jaguars, who only have two quarterbacks on their current roster, figure to have a third by the end of this weekend.

How they acquire that third quarterback will be an interesting subplot to their draft.

If they don’t draft one (or draft one in a late round on the third day) or sign one as an undrafted free agent after the draft ends, he figures to be just a camp arm.

That would be a sign they figure Cody Kessler, obtained from Cleveland for a conditional seventh-round pick, will remain the backup.

If they take one in the second or third rounds (they bypassed Lamar Jackson in the first round), he would likely beat out Kessler for the backup job behind Blake Bortles. Kessler was a third-round pick two years ago.

They are committed to Bortles as the starter after giving him a three-year, $54 million contract, and he will start opening day barring an injury.

Bortles still has to play well this year this year to prove he has a long-term future in Jacksonville. If he struggles, the Jaguars will likely put a lot of emphasis on getting a quarterback in free agency or in the draft to challenge Bortles next year.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how Jackson plays in Baltimore.

The Jaguars bypassed DeShaun Watson two years ago to take Leonard Fournette, and Watson is a budding star in Houston if he recovers from his torn ACL.

If Jackson turns into an elite player, there will be questions about why the Jaguars bypassed him.

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