A quick look back at the NFL’s Wild Card Weekend

Five quick takes looking back at the NFL’s Wild Card Weekend:

1. The end of the Philadelphia Eagles-Chicago Bears game will be remembered for the missed field goal, but what got overlooked is that Khalil Mack and the Bears defense coouldn’t protect the lead in the fourth quarter.

2. Gus Bradley struggled as a head coach in Jacksonville, but showed he is still at the top of his game as a defensive coordinator when he came up with the seven-defensive back scheme to smother Lamar Jackson of the Balitmore Ravens while allowing the Los Angeles Chargers to advance.

3. It was tacky of Baltimore fans to boo Jackson. He got them to the playoffs and rookie quarterbacks often struggles in their first playoff game. He has to prove he can win throwing in the pocket, but the Ravens are going to find out. He is their future.

4. Jason Garrett finally got his second playoff win — in his ninth season as coach — when the Dallas Cowboys beat the Seattle Seahawks, and Garrett should earn a contract extension. Garrett survives because he doesn’t make waves and knows his place and doesn’t try to interfere when owner Jerry Jones run the show.

5. Teams put so much emphasis on getting home field advantage in the playoffs and then three of the four road teams won in the wild-card round. Dallas was the only home team to win the first weekend.

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