Previewing NFL Week 10

The 10th week of the season started off with another upset, continuing the trend of the last two weeks.

Baltimore’s loss to 2-7 Miami Thursday night came just five days after the 1-6 Jaguars knocked off the Bills. Both Baltimore and Buffalo are now 5-3 and Tennessee is now the only AFC teams with just two losses but the Titans will play the rest of the regular season without Derrick Henry.

There are now five 5-3 teams and five more four loss teams so the AFC race continues to be wide open.

In the NFC, Arazona has the best record in the NFL at 8-1 and the Rams, Bucs, Packers and Cowboys have two losses. But those teams all seem vulnerable.

The Rams, Cowboys and Packers all lost last weekend and the Packers are dealing with the fallout of Aaron Rodgers’ positive test and his apparent lie giving the impression he was vaxed.

In the Sunday night game, the 5-3 Raiders will play the 6-4 Chiefs as they jockey for position in AFC West while the 5-3 Chargers play the 3-5 Vikings in a late Sunday game.

A Minnesota upset win wouldn’t be a surprise because all but one of the Vikings games has been decided in last minute of play. They are probably better than their record.

Another vulnerable team is the 5-4 Broncos, who face the 3-6 Eagles. The Eagles may be better than their record. A fifth loss this year would likely be a major setback to the Broncos’ chances of making a playoff run.

Tennessee also could stumble against the 5-3 Saints because they are playing without Henry and New Orleans is desperate for a win to stay in midst of NBFC playoff race.

Another game to watch is the Cleveland-New England game, a battle of four loss teams who both need to avoid a fifth loss.

In the other games, Buffalo is favored over the Jets, Indianapolis over the Jaguars, Tampa Bay over Washington, Pittsburgh over Detroit, Arizona over Carolina and Dallas over Atlanta.

Considering all the recent upsets, it won’t be a surprise if some of their favorites stub their toes.

Four teams – Cincinnati, Chicago, Giants and Houston — have byes but only Cincinnati at 6-4 has fewer than six losses and the Bengals have lost two to the Jets and Browns in a row after a fast start. They need to use the bye week to regroup.

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