NFL Week 15 in review

The Green Bay Packers played the Kansas City Chiefs in the first Super Bowl in Los Angeles.

Now they have a chance to meet again in the 56th Super Bowl next February in Los Angeles.

They almost had a rematch in the 55th game last year but Green Bay failed to make it when they lost to Tampa Bay in NFC title game.

This year with three games left, the Packers and the Chiefs are the two top seeds. Three more wins and they are in.

And the top seed is more important this year because in the era of seven game playoff formats, only one team gets a bye.

Kansas City took over the top seed with its overtime victory over the Chargers and losses by the Patriots to the Colts and the Titans to the Steelers. The Chiefs are now 10-4 and the Titans and the Patriots are 9-5. The Chiefs have the Steelers, Bengals and Broncos in their last three games.

The Packers are now the only team with an 11-3 record in the NFL after their victory over Baltimore, which went for a two-point conversion at the end for second time in three weeks instead of kicking an extra point and going to overtime.

The Ravens didn’t convert either time and are now 8-6. Cincinnati, which beat Denver, is also at 8-6 in the division but has the tiebreaker over Baltimore. The two teams meet Sunday in Cincinnati. If the Bengals win, they can lose to Kansas City the following week and still wrap up the division title with a win in the finale over Cleveland.

There is another AFC division game in which first place is on the line. The 9-5 Patriots face the 8-6 Bills in that game.

Tennessee has a one game lead over Indianapolis, which beat the Patriots, in the AFC Central but faces a tough Thursday night game against San Francisco.

In the NFC, Dallas has a four-game lead in its division and is a game behind Green Bay in the race for the top seed. The Cowboys beat the Giants to boost their record to 10-4.

Arizona also is 10-4 after being stunned by Detroit and the Rams improved to 10-4 to tie Arizona for first place with the Tuesday night win over the Seahawks.

Tampa Bay was blanked by New Orleans but is still 10-4 and leading the division by three games over the Saints. Tampa Bay has two games left with Carolina and a game the Jets so it is likely to finish at 13-4 and have a shot at top seed if the Packers falter. The Packers finish with the Browns, Vikings and Lions so they are likely to finish 14-3.

The Packers Cowboys, Bucs, Cardinals and Rams figure to get five of the seven NFC playoff spots. San Francisco at 8-6 is likely to get the sixth slot and Eagles, who beat Washington Tuesday night, Saints and Vikings at 7-7, will battle for the final spot. Three of the four NFC West teams – Cardinals, Rams and 40ers — could get playoff spots.

The only NFC division title up for grabs is in the West where the Cardinals and Rams are 10-4.

They don’t play each other rest of the way. Cards play Colts, Cowboys and Seahawks and the Rams play the Vikings, Ravens and 49ers.

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