Previewing NFL Week 17

NFL teams are now going down the home stretch … playoff spots – six in the AFC – are still up for grabs going into the final two weeks of the regular season.

Kansas City, which plays Cincinnati in the early game on CBS Sunday, is the only AFC team to clinch a division title. The Chiefs at 11-4 are only playing for the top seed while Cincinnati is playing for a division title or a playoff spot if they don’t win the AFC North.

The game will match Patrick Mahomes vs. Joe Burrow in what is likely to be only the first of many matchups they will play over the coming years. They could play again in the playoffs this year.

The Bengals are 9-6 with a lead over the 8-7 Ravens, who host the Rams, and the 7-7-1 Steelers, who host the 7-8 Browns Monday night in what is likely to be Ben Roethlisberger last home game.

Buffalo and New England are 9-6 in a tie for the AFC East lead and both are expected to win with the Bills hosting Atlanta and the Patriots hosting Jacksonville. Since the Bills have the tie-breaker, they clinch the division by winning their last two against the Falcons and Jets. The Patriots would then be the wild card team.

Tennessee at 10-5 has a one-game lead over the 9-6 Colts in the AFC South with the Titans hosting Miami and the Colts hosting Las Vegas. Miami is at 8-7 with seven wins in a row. The Raiders are also at 8-7. Neither can afford another loss if they are to stay in the playoff hunt.

The Chargers at 8-6 are fighting for wild card when the host Denver.

The NFC picture is a big clearer with five teams in the playoffs. Three of them – the Packers, Cowboys and Bucs– have clinched division titles and two more – Rams and Cardinals – have clinched playoff spots. One will win the division title and the other will be the wild card team.

The Rams have a one-game lead and play the Ravens while the Cardinals have a tougher task against Dallas.

San Francisco and Philadelphia are both 8-7 and have the inside track on the final two wild card spots. The Eagles go to Washington and San Francisco hosts Houston so they should both with win.

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