NFL wild-card weekend in review

As expected, the wild card weekend was very good for the NFL.

They made money with the two extra games by adding two more teams to the playoffs. And they got great TV ratings. The fans can’t get enough NFL football.

For the fans, though, it wasn’t too exciting. Four of the six games were blowouts. It was no surprise the two No. 7 seeds, the Steelers and Eagles were blown out by the Chiefs and Bucs.

And not that much of a surprise that New England couldn’t compete with Buffalo. The Patriots struggled down the stretch and had a rookie quarterback.

The surprising blowout was that Arizona couldn’t compete with the Rams. There are now questions about where the Cardinals go from here.

The two close games were the Bengals beating the Raiders to end a three-decade drought of playoff wins. And the Cowboys’ loss to the 49ers showed the Cowboys still aren’t as good as they think they are. The was a lot of chatter about the final spike but the Cowboys were outplayed.

So now the playoffs are down to eight teams that all think they have a shot at that Lombardi trophy.

Now the real playoffs begin this weekend.

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