NFL Week 2 in review

The first two weeks of the season have been unpredictable.

The favorites went 16-16 and 19 of the 32 teams started off 1-1. And no lead appeared safe.

But one team was very predictable—the Buffalo Bills.

Picked by many oddsmakers to win the Super Bowl, they look like the frontrunner after two weeks. After beating the Rams 31-10 in the opener, they crushed the Titans, a team they lose to last year, by a 41-7 margin as Josh Allen threw four touchdown passes, three two Stefon Diggs.

They are one of six 2-0 teams and now the team to beat.

By contrast, five teams – Cincinnati, Tennessee, Atlanta Las Vegas and Carolina – are 0-2. They now have an uphill climb to get into the playoff race. Of the 18 teams that started off 0-2 the last two years, none of them made it. Two teams are at 0-1-1 so 21 of 32 two have a los and five have two losses.

Besides the Bills, the Chiefs and Dolphins are 2-0 in the AFC and the Giants, Eagles and Tampa Bay 2-0 are in the NFC.

The Giants are the most surprising team to 2-0 and they have to show they are for real.

Except for the dominance of the Bills and the five teams at 0-2, there aren’t many trends in the first two weeks.

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