Previewing NFL Week 7

All you need to know about Week 7 of the NFL season is that the Sunday night prime time game features 2-4 Pittsburgh at 3-3 Miami.

And the NFL decided not to flex the game because it doesn’t have a great matchup this week to flex.

The best matchup is 4-2 Kansas City at 3-3 San Francisco, but that is the Fox late game so they aren’t going to move that into prime time.

The only game in which both teams have winning records features 3-2-1 Indianapolis at 3-2 Tennessee in a battle for the AFC South lead, but that is not exactly a marquee matchup worth flexing.

Dallas at 4-2 hosts 1-4 Detroit while the 4-2 Chargers host 3-3 Seahawks.

It doesn’t help that 6-0 Philadelphia and 5-1 Buffalo and Minnesota and 3-3 Rams all have byes.

The Giants keep pulling out close games and are 5-1, but the odds makers aren’t convinced they are for real and they are underdogs at 2-4 Jacksonville

The Thursday night game is another dud with two teams with losing records – 2-4 Arizona hosting 2-4 New Orleans.

The Monday night game has 2-4 Chicago at 3-3 New England.

The NFL owners met this week in New York, but no signs they are concerned about the poor play and lack of quality matchups. But they did decide to give Prime a black Friday matchup next year. 

Meanwhile, the money keeps rolling in so they have no incentive to be concerned about the quality of play.

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