Jags finally playing meaningful December games

The Jaguars will play their biggest game in four or five years Sunday when they host the Dallas Cowboys for the first time in 16 years.

Not since their 2017 playoff game against the Bills or the 2018 regular-season game against the Patriots has a game had so much anticipation and buzz for the Jaguars.

But the interesting thing is that it is not the only important game for the Jaguars on Sunday.

Even if they beat the Cowboys, they need the Titans to lose to the Chargers on Sunday.

A Jaguars win and a Titans loss would leave the Jaguars at 6-8 and the Titans at 7-7. That would mean if the Jaguars beat the Jets and Texans and Titans beat Houston and lose to Dallas, both teams would be 8-8 and they would play for the division title in the season finale.

Shades of 1999.

Surprisingly enough, the Jaguars could lose to the Cowboys and beat the Jets and Houston and if the Titans lose to the Chargers and Cowboys and beat Houston, the two teams would still play for the division title.

The Titans would be 8-8 and the Jaguars 7-9 and if the Jaguars won they would win the division title at 8-9 because they would have the tiebreaker by sweeping the Titans.

But if the Titans beat the Chargers and the Jaguars lose to the Cowboys, the Titans would be 8-6 and the Jaguars 5-9. The Titans would then win the division by beating the Texans. Either way, the important thing is the Jaguars are playing meaningful games in December.

And the bottom line is that win or lose against the Cowboys, the Jaguars focus will turn to the Tennessee-San Diego game.

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