Chief-Bengals has ‘70s playoff rivalry feel

The Pittsburgh Steelers played the Oakland Raiders five years in a row in the playoffs in one of the best rivalries in NFL history.

No two teams have done that since.

In the last three years, the teams played in AFC title game and the winner won the Super. The first game was the Immaculate Reception game in 1972 but the Steelers lost to the Dolphins the next week. In 1973, the Raiders beat the Steelers, but also lost to the Dolphins. The Steelers wound up winning three of the five games.

This history is relevant because the Bengals and Chiefs play Sunday in the AFC title game for the second year in a row.

They appear to be the two best teams in the AFC and nobody will be surprised if they meet again next year. They are likely to be the top two seeds again next year although Buffalo might rebound after its one-sided loss to the Bengals last week.

It would be unusual in the salary cap era for two teams to remain on top.

But both have young quarterbacks and Joe Burrow is on his rookie deal and Patrick Mahomes has signed a long term deal so it will be interesting to see how  long they can keep it going.

And since both seem likely to continue to dominate their divisions they will keep meeting in the regular season every year.

That will be the game of the regular season each year.

Get the popcorn ready. It could turn out to be one of the best rivalries in NFL history.

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