Saints looking like the only winner in Payton deal

Teams like to say a deal is a win-win for both teams.

But will there be a winner in the Sean Payton trade to the Broncos except for, of course, the Saints?

The Saints got first- and second-round picks and gave up a third and Payton, so it worked for them. They got good compensation for a coach who quit on them last year.

But did the Broncos give up too much for a coach who went to just one Super Bowl in New Orleans with Drew Brees as his quarterback for 15 years.

And while Payton is making big money – a reported $85 million for five years – he may not be in a good situation

While he joins a team that has a good defense, he has to try to fix Russell Wilson and he is in a division where he will play against Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert twice a year. It is hard to imagine Broncos winning a division title in the next few years. And the picks the Broncos gave up for Wilson will make it harder for Payton to turn it around.

In New Orleans, he was competing against the Panthers, Falcons and Bucs.

Payton apparently got what he wanted. But sometimes you have to watch what you wish for because you just might get it.

But at least he will be cashing big checks and can always go back to his TV gig.

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