NFL quick hits

–It is tag season and the most controversial tag was placed on Lamar Jackson by the Ravens.  If a team makes a deal with Jackson, the Raven can match or let him go for two first round picks. But no team seems to be rushing to sign him because he apparently wants a fully guaranteed deal like the one Deshaun Watson got. The NFL is trying to hold the line on fully guaranteed deals, which is otherwise known as collusion. But what is overlooked is that the NFLPA should never have agreed to tags in the first place. They weren’t in the original press release the league sent out when the two sides first agreed to a salary cap and free agency after four years.

–Have the Titans put Derrick Henry on the block or not? There have been reports both ways. At age 29, Henry probably doesn’t have much left in the tank. But they could probably challenge the Jaguars in the AFC South with him. They are not likely to without him. We will have to wait to see what they will do.

–The league just can’t seem to let go of Tom Brady. Rich Eisen, who should know better, said there was chatter at the combine that Brady still might return. Brady replied with a joke saying if you get a kitten for your kid, you don’t have time to return. After retiring and then returning last year, Brady doesn’t figure to do it again. 

–Another apparently bogus report was that Philip Rivers contacted the 49ers and Dolphins late last year about returning and still might look to return this year. Rivers quickly shot that down, saying he didn’t contact any team. He said he was contacted without naming the teams but said he is retired. At age 41 after being away for two years, it is not likely to return.

–It is surprising more players don’t skip the combine. Even though they are running around without pads, there is still an injury risk. At least five players were injured in this year’s combine, including offensive lineman Andrew Vorhees of USC. He suffered a torn ACL and will likely miss this upcoming season. He showed he is a tough guy as he did 38 reps on the bench after suffering the injury but the injury is likely to cause him to drop in the draft. Players should tell teams to look at their college tape.

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