More NFL offseason quick hits

–It is almost hard to believe the reports the owners are giving Roger Goodell another contract extension at age 64. The league desperately needs new leadership. Pete Rozelle retired at 63 and Paul Tagliabue at 65. The owners like that Goodell keeps bringing in new revenue but he shows little interest in the game on the field or what is good for the game and the fans.

–The Cowboys making a trade with the Texans for Brandin Cooks is a classic example of a team trying to win it all this year making a trade with a team that wants draft picks to build for the future. Cooks will be the Cowboys No. 2 receiver. Trading for Cooks probably means Cowboys aren’t in the market for Odell Beckham. The Texans only got a 2023 fifth round pick and 2024 sixth round pick for Cooks but they dumped his salary although they will pay six million and the Cowboys will pick up the other $12 million. Cooks has now been traded four times and the Cowboys are his fifth team.

–There were questions about whether Tua Tagovailoa had a future in the NFL after the concussion issues he dealt with last year. But the Dolphins are gambling he can stay healthy for at least this season as they exercised the fifth year option on his rookie deal. He will be paid $23.17 million this year. Of course, the Dolphins didn’t give him a new deal because they can’t be sure he will stay healthy. Meanwhile, Mike White will be the backup in case Tagovailoa goes down again.

–The Texans dumped Cooks and his salary but they made Laremy Tunsil the highest paid left tackle in NFL history when he signed three-year $75 million deal with $50 million guaranteed. The Texans figure to take a quarterback with the second pick and obviously want to protect him.

–A player has to know his worth. Safety Chauncey  Johnson turned down a multi year offer from the Eagles and wound up signing for the Lions for less at just $8 million for a year after the market dried up.

–It is all quiet on the Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson front. The Packers are still asking the Jets for a first round pick and more and the two sides are at an impasse for now. Meanwhile, Jackson can’t find a team willing to give up two first round picks and meet his contract demands.

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