Araiza case another example of an NFL double standard

There is a difference on how the NFL treats quarterbacks and punters if they face sexual assault allegations.

Even if neither one faces criminal charges.

You are aware that Deshaun Watson signed a full guaranteed $230 million deal with the Browns despite all the allegations he faced.

You may not have heard of punter Matt Araiza, who was cut by the Bills in his first season last August after a woman accused him of being part of a gang rape in San Diego. He said he wasn’t involved and only admitted he had consensual sex after she suggested a hookup.

After spending months determining what happened that night, investigators said he wasn’t involved and had left the party before it happened and declined to file charges. 

Still she filed a civil suit against Araiza, and he countersued for defamation. Meanwhile, no team has been willing to sign him because, after all, he is a punter and they don’t want to deal with any baggage just to sign a punter. He had a workout with the Jets but wasn’t signed. The XFL is willing to sign him and HBO’s Real Sports did a segment on him and said his only NFL hope may be to get a team to sign him to their practice squad this year.

If he were a quarterback, he likely would have signed by now. But he is a punter, so has to play the waiting game while his career remains in limbo.

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