‘Inside the NFL’ looks like it’s on its last legs

Forty seven years ago when Inside the NFL made its debut on HBO, it had a niche as an NFL highlight show.

But over the years as the number of highlight shows has exploded and the NFL Red Zone shows every touchdown every Sunday, the show has lost its novelty.

The result is that it has moved from HBO to Showtime to streaming last year on Paramount.

Now it is back on cable on the CW channel but there are questions about whether it will attract an audience.

It also has a new group of commentators with Ryan Clark being the host and joined by Channing Crowder, Jay Cutler, Chad Johnson and Chris Long.

Clark said he’s always wanted to be a host but never in his wildest dreams did he think he would be hosting Inside the NFL.

But is Inside the NFL the show that it once was? Will the new group of analysts have good chemistry? What will the ratings be like? Will fans even know it is on the CW?

The show debuts Sept. 5. We will then start getting the answers to those questions.

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