Previewing NFL Week 4

–The highlight game of the week will be 3-0 Miami at 2-1 Buffalo.  It is not too early to speculate that one of these teams will play Kansas City in the AFC title game. But it will be a 1 p.m. game on CBS so it won’t get a national audience as they share the time slot with the Ravens at Cleveland, Pittsburgh at Houston and in a battle of winless 0-3 team, the Broncos at the Bears.

–There will be five 1 p.m. games on Fox, but none of them with much national appeal. They are Washington at Philadelphia, the Bengals at Tennessee, the Rams at the Colts, the Bucs at New Orleans and in a battle of two winless teams, the Vikings at the Panthers. The Chargers host Las Vegas in the lone CBS late game.

–Fox also has the doubleheader game and games figure to be one-sided with the Patriots at Dallas and San Francisco going to Arizona. San Francisco figures to remain unbeaten while the Cowboys are likely to bounce back from last week’s stunning loss to Arizona. 

–The Sunday and Monday night games both feature New York teams but both figure to lose with Jets hosting the Chiefs and the Giants hosting the Seahawks. Patrick Mahomet vs. Zach Wilson is a mismatch with the only drama being- whether Taylor Smith will show up to cheer on Travis Kelce.

–In the first London game this year, the Falcons are the home team against Jacksonville, which will be the home team next week against Buffalo.  The Falcons-Jaguars game will only be shown in Atlanta and Jacksonville and ESPN+ with a start at 930 am in the local markets and 630 am on the West Coast. If the Jaguars win, both will be 2-2 while if the Falcons win, they will be 3-1 and the Jaguars 1-3 so it will be a pivotal game even though it wont get a big audience.

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