Previewing NFL Week 5

–Putting San Francisco-Dallas on as the Sunday night game of the week was a no brainer and the game this Sunday night will be one of the prime attractions of the season. San Francisco knocked the Cowboys out of the playoffs the last two years, comes in with a 14-game regular season win streak and is one of the two unbeaten teams at 4-0 along with Philadelphia.

–The other three prime time games this week aren’t prime games. Chicago is at Washington Thursday night, Jacksonville plays Buffalo in London Sunday morning on the NFL Network and Green Bay is at Las Vegas Monday night.  The Commanders, Bills and Packers figure to win those three games.

–CBS has the doubleheader game with Kansas City at Minnesota. The Chiefs play all but one game this year in prime time or in the doubleheader Sunday game.  And now when Taylor Swift attends their games, they are more of an attraction. The Chiefs are one of four 3-1 teams in the AFC and all four figure to win. The Dolphins are a popular survivor pool pick against the Giants, the Ravens figure to beat the struggling Steelers and the Bills are expected to beat the Jaguars in London.

–The Eagles, the only unbeaten team besides San Francisco, could have a tough road game at the Rams. The Rams are 2-2 but are playing just their second home game. They lost their first home game but it was to the 49ers. The Eagles four wins are against the Patriots, Vikings, Bucs and Commanders so there is some question about how good they are.

–The byes start this week so there are only 14 games with the Browns, Chargers, Seahawks and Bucs having off.

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