NFL Week 7 in review

–The NFL is back to where it was in the Super Bowl last February. The two Super Bowl team from last year, Kansas City and Philadelphia, are the top seeds at the seven game mark with 6-1 records. The Chiefs won their sixth in a row by beating the Chargers, 31-17, and the Eagles bounced back from their first loss to beat the Dolphins by the same score.

–Of course, it is way too early to crown either team in this topsy-turvy season. For example the top three scoring teams, Miami, San Francisco and Buffalo, all lost last week although all three teams have injury problems. The Lions, who were being touted as one of the best teams in the league, were routed by the Ravens, 38-6. The 49ershad won 16 regular season games in a row and now have lost two in a row but then they lost in weeks 6 and 7 last year and then ran the table in the regular season the rest of the year. 

–If the season ended this week, the playoff matches in the AFC would be the Bills at Dolphins, the Browns at the Ravens and the Steelers at the Jaguars. Interesting that the Jaguars will take their four-game winning streak – second longest behind the Chiefs six game win streak – into Pittsburgh this weekend. In the NFC the Bucs would be at the Lions, the Cowboys at the 49ers and the Seahawks at the Falcons.

–Besides the Eagles and Chiefs at 6-2, there are five 5-2 teams – the Lions, Ravens, 49ers Dolphins and Jaguars.  The Cowboys, Steelers, Seahawks and Browns at 4-2, the Bills and Falcons at 4-3, and the Bucs at 3-3 would all be in the playoffs. And you can’t count out the 3-3 Bengals and Texans and even the 3-4   Vikings have to be given a shot. Just a week ago, there was speculation the Vikings might start a fire sale and rebuild if they fell to 2-5. Now they are very much alive after beating the 49ers. That is the kind of season it is.

–Just a week ago, there was talk Bob Kraft could fire Bill Belichick after the team started off 1-5. But then the news was leaked that the Kraft gave Belichick a contract extension in the offseason and the Pats then upset the Bills. But nobody thinks Belichick’s job is safe is he doesn’t get the team into contention. Kraft could afford to payoff Belichick if the Pats go back to their losing ways this year.

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