NFL conference championships in review

1. If Patrick Mahomes makes the Hall of Fame one day, his highlight reel will include his 27-yard touchdown run down the left sideline that spurred the Chiefs to the come-from-behind victory over the Titans. It was aided by some shoddy Titans’ tackling, but showed Mahomes is more than just a prolific passer. He may be the best quarterback in the game right now.

2. It wasn’t exactly a Joe Namath guarantee but Frank Clark of the Chiefs raised some eyebrows before the game when he talked about how it’s not hard to hit Derrick Henry. Earl Thomas had said similar things the previous week and then was stiff armed by Henry on one of his big runs. But the Chiefs held Henry in check with 69 rushing yards although it helped that the Chiefs got ahead and forced the Titans to go to the passing game. Clark talked the talk and then walked the walk.

3. Jimmy Garoppolo passed for only 77 yards and completed just two passes in the second half in the 49ers easy win over the Packers. Coach Kyle Shanahan said they stuck with the running game because it was working but the New York Times brought up the possibility that Garoppolo isn’t completely healthy after turning his ankle in the win over the Vikings. One thing is certain. He has to throw for more yards in the Super Bowl if the 49ers are to win.

4. Even though he was cut by six teams, Raheem Mostert refused to give up and was rewarded for his determination when he ran for 220 yards – the second most rushing yards in a playoff game since at least 1950 — as the 49ers demolished the Packers with their ground game. Mostert was helped by the fact the 49ers’ line opened gaping holes for him to run in.

5. Andy Reid has a glittering coaching record except for his playoff record. He’s only made it to one Super Bowl. Even after the victory, he is only 14-14 in the playoffs and 2-5 in conference title games. But now he gets a second chance to win that first Super Bowl.

6. Aaron Rodgers said after the loss that Green Bay’s championship window is still open. But after being routed by the 49ers twice in the same season, you have to wonder if Rodgers will never win another one.

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