QB mismatch makes Chiefs a sure Super winner

There will be millions of words written to analyze the upcoming Super Bowl in the coming days.

But let’s make it easy for you if you want understand why the Chiefs are going to win.

They have the better quarterback.

That’s it.

There are times in the Super Bowl when the quarterback is a wash when two Hall of Famers face each other like Bradshaw vs. Staubach and Montana vs. Elway.

There are times when neither quarterback is a Hall of Famer like Trent Dilfer vs. Kerry Collins.

But when one team has the edge at quarterback, it wins. This dates back to the early years when Bart Starr beat Daryle Lamonica, Joe Namath topped Earl Morrall and Len Dawson beat Joe Kapp in the second, third and fourth Super Bowls.

And note that Tom Brady won six of them but except for beating Hall of Famer Kurt Warner with the help of poor coaching by Mike Martz, he beat five quarterbacks who have combined to win one ring.

They are Jake Delhomme, Donovan McNabb, a young Russell Wilson, who threw that ill-fated pass which was a bad call by the coaching staff, Matt Ryan, handicapped by Kyle Shanahan’s poor coaching, and Jared Goff.

So, the choice in this Super Bowl is Patrick Mahomes over Jimmy Garoppolo.

The 49ers may have the better team but they’re not going to beat the Chiefs with Jimmy G. throwing eight passes the way he did against the Packers.

Mahomes will put points on the board and eventually Jimmy G is going to counter and while he may one day be a top quarterback, he isn’t there now.

That means the obvious choice is to go with Mahomes.

Case closed.

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